The windwings wind turbine products advantages

The wind turbine products of Qingdao Windwings have many advantages:


The Windwings wind turbine products adopt high magnetic neodymium iron boron material (NdFeB), the professional magnetic circuit design ,increase the magnetic fields,thereby enhance the generating efficiency.For example of 1kw wind turbine,the windwings wind turbine can generate the DC60V ,19A after rectifying under the low rotate speed of 320r/s.Meanwhile,the weight of the generator is reduced and is the half weight of the like products of other manufacturers.Accordingly,this is more easier to install and maintenance .


The Windwings wind turbine blades use the import FRP(Glass fiber reinforced plastic),the solid petioles equipped with steel bushing,put an end to the blades broken by the wind presure and flick out. The surface has the coating,can prevent freezing and aging.The wings shape is good and had tested the wind tunnel test in Sichuan province,running smoothly and quietly,the efficiency value Cp can reach to 0.42.


The special tail vane is in advance partial angle design,when under the normal operation can automatic alignment windward direction,enhance the output power and at the same time can take account to both cornering adjust the speed and the strong breeze protection. When the wind speed is more than 16m/s,the blades windward side will folder to 90°with the tail vane. This will make the blades lost the motive power and give the purely mechanical automatic braking function.


The Windwings controller adopt the constant control and alternating current unload,can electromagnetic brake to the wind turbine.


The Windwings inverter is the pure sine wave type.The efficiency of the inverter is more than 90%,and can automatically detect load,under no load condition can automatic into dormancy and energy-saving condition.


The Windwings products adopt optimization design ,the properties of products are high ,the appearance is artistic and the installation is easy."Windwings--the perpetual motion machine in the wind"is your relieved choice !


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