The wind power installed capacity in China is growing

Under the financial crisisall countries in the world want to lead the domestic economy walk out the lows by developing the new energy industry . At present our country is to formulate new energy revitalization plan. By the year 2008,our new wind turbine installed capacity reach to 6,246,000kw, the increase speed is 89%, is the second in the world. The latest data from the Chinese renewable energy professional committee of the wind shows that: Up to the end of 2008, our wind turbine installed capacity accumulated about 121,530,000kw, became the fourth-largest wind power market. Wind power development mainly divided into onshore and offshore wind turbines. At present, the wind power electricity onshore has already begin to take shape,the offshore wind power is in process of “breaking title”.In the next several years,no matter onshore and offshore wind power , all will enter a rapid development period. In 2009, the wind turbine installed capacity newly increased is doubled. On the occasion the proportion of the total wind power installed in the global , will increase more than 33 percent.. According to the present rate, China will overtake Germany and Spain.In  2010, the wind power installed capacity will reach to 30 million kilo watts.,will lead into the second in the world.

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