The global wind turbine price is on the low position

The wind turbine contract shows that, By 2010, compared with the price in 2008, In the second half year of 2010 and the first half year of 2011, wind turbine generators prices will continue to significantly reduced. According to the new energy finance bloomberg(BNEF ), the latest edition of the third period of wind turbine generator price index (WTPI) shows that this drop is around 15%.

The BNEF analysis shows that,in 2008, the first sign of turbine delivered by 2009 generating prices peaked, the price reached 122 million euros/MW.However,because of the wind power project financing problems, current global wind shows a glut on the market, By 2010, make the second sign in 2010 to 2011 delivery of wind power during the first half of the contract price crash, average price for 104 million euros/MW.

Besides, recently, the negotiations are delivered in 2011 half of the contract for the same price, no signal indicates that the recent price will rise, here's the price include freight, but not including tax and all other construction cost.

The main wind turbine purchasers predicted,the prices will drop in 2010 and 2011.The range of the price drop will be 4% and 1%.The price will rise again in 2013.

The BNEF wind power observation service manager William Young said, the price of wind turbines never expected so low, and a glut on the market situation will continue for a long time. Sure this is not the wind turbines manufacturers willing to see, but to the industry, this will improve the competitive with gas, coal and nuclear power generating.

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