Installment preparation

1 Purchase batteries, fill in battery water and do initial charging according to technical regulations.
2 Unpack and check the machine parts.
3 Select an open and flat place without barriers in surroundings for wind turbine installation.
To avoid circuit power loses, should make the distance between wind turbine and batteries as short as possible, usually it should be less than 30m.
4 Foundation installation
4.1 Dig a cubic hole in the center of the ground with size of 80X60X80cm. Then dig three triangular(each side is 60cm) pits with the depth of 60cm, regard 450cm as the radius, divide equally three A,B,C by 120 degrees,
4.2 Fix the 4-foundation bolt onto the base plate. Screw with the M16 nuts. (The thread should be 15mm out of nut) Adjust the Base plate in level and Concrete it. (mixture ratio is cement : sand : cobble= 1:2:3)
4.3 Put the ground anchors into each triangle pit. Make the guy wires towards the centre. Lay crushed stone into the pits, then concrete them; Lay crushed stone (about 2~5kg) into the pits and concrete them again. Doing it by turns, till fill it. At last, draw the guy wires toward the ground center with a 45 degree angle from the ground.              4.4 The protection period of the concrete basement is 100 hours. During this period, don’t install the wind turbines.
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